Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Sewing Bee Meet-Up

This past Saturday Bee Sew Sweet held it's first sewing bee meet-up and it went really well! We discussed the scrappy trips quilt and decided on details. If anyone out there in the blogospehere is interested in joining our group please send me an email at elizabethcorb at gmail dot com. If you are unable to meet in-person at CREATE in Brookville that's completely fine, we don't mind if you do it all remotely. We plan to blog and add photos to update our progress here throughout the process.

We plan to have five blocks completed each by our next meeting on April 20th. The finished product will be donated to a local non-profit organization in Brookville called CARES,  a Children's Advocacy Center that works with abused children. Creating, community, and connection are attributes that we share with CREATE and we are thrilled they invited us to hold our meetings in their space!

A few details that we need to reiterate: each person will make 5 blocks to start out, each square will be around 10.5"wide, and the seam allowance should be 1/4". There is no color scheme, fabric scraps are just fine. We plan to make this scrappy trips quilt totally scrappy!

Please feel free to join in, a step-by-step tutorial can be found in this pervious post. We still need a quilter and plan to make more than one quilt, so the more the merrier! We really would like to make a small difference in these children's lives and give them something tangible that they can hold on to. Quilts are more than just blankets, they are stories and expressions; quilts provide warmth and comfort.

Happy tripping!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along Part 2

 This is the promised post with step-by-step photos to help with the completion of the Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt, also known as the scrappy trip quilt. This post is by far not the only blog/website detailing the construction of this quilt. Since the beginning of this year (2013), a lot of sewing ladies on Instagram have been creating their own awesome scrappy trip quilts and detailing their progress with photos and blog write-ups. This post is just adding to the already abundant chatting regarding the scrappy trip along and just to note, it's been So. Much. Fun! So join in, there's no timeline, it's relatively easy, and the construction moves quickly. Dig in right away, I'm already working on number two with at least a few more in the works.

 What You Will Need to Start:

Fabric scraps, or if you want it to be somewhat cohesive a particular line of fabrics would also be fine
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Straight edge
Seam ripper

The first step is to choose your fabrics or acquire them as you go, it doesn't matter that's the beauty of this particular quilt concept. For my first attempt I used Kona solids in the bright colorway, because I had just acquired them and I had to use them right away (pictured below).

The next step is cut your fabric into strips that are 16" long and 2.5" wide. This part is fun, allow yourself to enjoy the repetitive cutting. Each block needs 6 strips, so you can cut as you go or cut everything all at once. The latter really speeds up production but if you are just beginning it's always good to start slow by assembling one and then starting on to the next.

Once you have six 16" x 2.5" strips cut, it's time to sew them together (pictured below). Don't stop and iron the seam after each strip, just sew all the strips together first then you can iron the seams. We're not going to press the seams open with this quilt, all that you need to do is press each of the seams to one side, opposite of the one prior to it. This will help keep the seams flat and reduce bulk in the end, which is really important for this quilt because each block is made up of 2.5" squares.

After you have pressed the seams, sew the last two strips together to make a fabric tube. Remember to sew right sides together at this point (photo below). This might seem odd but really it streamlines the process of block construction. 

Next lay the fabric tube on your cutting mat and using your rotary cuter cut the tube into six 2.5" sections. It should look like the photo below.

Now comes the really fun part :) After you've cut all six 2.5" pieces from the fabric tube, you get to use your seam ripper! Okay, maybe I'm the only one that finds this part lots of fun but there's something satisfying about picking stitches. Pick one of the stitches from each of the 2.5" pieces, each piece you pick should be the the fabric after the last one just picked. So if you're working with the sections below and pick the stitch between pink/blue fabric, the next stitch to pick would be between the pink and orange fabric. I've added three photos in sequenced order.

After you pick a stitch from all six sections you'll now have six strips. The strips will now need to be stitched together. Stitch using a 1/4" or 3/8" seam with right sides together. Do not stop and press after every seam, wait until all six strips are sewn together and then press each of the seams opposite to each other like before. Your block should look something like the photo below.

Please excuse the completely different fabric used to make this block, apparently I did not take any photos of just one block assembled with the Kona solids quilt and did not realize until much too late. But after you get four blocks put together it should look something like the photo below.

The Kona solids quilt I made 30 blocks which made the quilt 5"x 6" and perfect to snuggle up with on the couch. You can make yours as big or small as you like. 

**Information for Sewing Bee Members**

If you wish to participate in a sewing bee in-person or remotely, please email at for more specific information. Our first quilt will be a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt and will be donated to a non-profit organization that works with needy children. We meet in person the third Saturday of every month from 10AM to noon at Create in Brookville, Pennsylvania. If you wish to participate remotely, I will be blogging about the meetings and progress.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along

Part One

The scrappy trip along has been loads of fun on Instagram the past month. A bunch of sewing mommas are taking part in this super fun quilt along. It's an easy quilt pattern that comes together very quickly and the results are interesting, an eye teaser for sure.

This is what my most recent almost finished scrappy trip quilt looks like. I used Kona solids in the bright colorway. I'm now getting ready to sew the batting and backing to the top, quilt, and then bind it. There are a few places in this quilt that blocks are 1.5" off but it is only the second real quilt I have ever made, so I'm chalking it up to practice.

The official website Scrappy Trips Around The World includes step-by-step instructions and lots of great examples, check it out you won't be disappointed. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hearts On A String

I've been meaning to get this blog up and running for a while now and I'm glad to finally have something solid to begin with. I want to share some of the projects I post on Bee Sew Sweet's Facebook page and Instagram. I love creating new things, envisioning something in my head and making it come to life. I find a lot of inspiration and reassurance right here online and am so glad I have found such a great community to learn and share with. I love getting feedback and reading other sewing mommas blogs, so this is my attempt at contributing to the community.

Hearts On A String came about after seeing a few other Instagram sewing moms post pretty Valentine garland pictures. I loved the idea and since I have no actual Valentine decorations and a lot of pink fabric, why not make something?! I first cut out a lot of different size hearts from light pink, dark pink, red, and white felt (pictured below).

I then topstitched the larger hearts to a pretty ribbon using an embroidery heart stitch but this could be done with any stitch really.

Once all of the larger hearts were attached to the ribbon, all that's left is to topstitch the other hearts onto the larger hearts. I used a chain stitch for the middle hearts and then just a straight stitch in an X on the smaller ones.

And that's all there is to it, this is a simple, fun handmade holiday decoration.