Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hearts On A String

I've been meaning to get this blog up and running for a while now and I'm glad to finally have something solid to begin with. I want to share some of the projects I post on Bee Sew Sweet's Facebook page and Instagram. I love creating new things, envisioning something in my head and making it come to life. I find a lot of inspiration and reassurance right here online and am so glad I have found such a great community to learn and share with. I love getting feedback and reading other sewing mommas blogs, so this is my attempt at contributing to the community.

Hearts On A String came about after seeing a few other Instagram sewing moms post pretty Valentine garland pictures. I loved the idea and since I have no actual Valentine decorations and a lot of pink fabric, why not make something?! I first cut out a lot of different size hearts from light pink, dark pink, red, and white felt (pictured below).

I then topstitched the larger hearts to a pretty ribbon using an embroidery heart stitch but this could be done with any stitch really.

Once all of the larger hearts were attached to the ribbon, all that's left is to topstitch the other hearts onto the larger hearts. I used a chain stitch for the middle hearts and then just a straight stitch in an X on the smaller ones.

And that's all there is to it, this is a simple, fun handmade holiday decoration.


  1. That's adorable, Beth! I might actually use some of the fancy stitches on my machine!

  2. Thanks Katie! Share pictures when you do :)